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But what do you do for fun?

(Any additions to the following appreciated... within bounds!)

Iranian Culture

IranWrites: Thoughts on Iranian Politics and Culture
The Iranian
Barzin live
E. G. Browne's A Year Among the Persians
Iranian blogs
Iranian literature, land, and more!
My blog on Iranian politics.

Georgian and Caucasian Music

Georgian Music
Abkhazian Radio
Abkhazian Music
Abkhazian Dance
Georgian Legend Video
Georgian Knife Dance

Azerbaijani Culture

The incomparable Jeffrey Werbock's Mugham Site
Azerbaijani Music
Caucasian Azerbaijani Wedding Dance
More Caucasian Azerbaijani Dance
Azerbaijani Music


Juan Cole on Politics in the Middle East
Political Research Associates
Democracy Now!
The Daily Cos
Talking Points Memo
Huffington Post
Crooks and Liars
Fire Dog Lake

Online Commentary, Satire, Humor

Stephanie Miller--Just click on the MP3 links.
... like Ring of Fire
... or The Young Turks--I'm a huge fan!
... or Rachel Maddow
... and her ex-side-kick, Kent Jones
The great Jean Shepherd, who had such an impact on my life
And just for fun...
Gather around the bong and listen to Firesign Theater
Bob and Ray
I don't get it, but it's funny.


The Classics:

Scarlatti the way it was meant to be played.
Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata
Brahms cello and piano
Bartok Romanian dances arranged for violin and piano
Bach by Gould

From the CBGB movement:

Annie Golden and the Shirts--a buried treasure
Iggy Pop and the Stooges got a lust for life!
Tom Verlaine and Television
The Laughing Dogs--another lost treasure
The Talking Heads
Richard Hell and the Voidoids--OK, they're a bit extreme

Two-Tone, Ska, Etc.

The English Beat--Hear "Tears of a Clown" the way it should be!
The Selector
Madness--"One step beyond!"
Bad Manners
And from this side of the pond:
The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones


Elvis Costello
Nick Lowe
Ian Dury and the Blockheads--"Shall I mourn your decline with some Thunderbird wine and a black hankerchief?"

Art Rock:

The Velvet Underground
Lou Reed
Roxy Music
David Bowie
Brian Eno


They Might Be Giants

Welcome to my world.

I am a PhD in mathematics and am teaching at John Jay College.

I am also interested in Middle East studies. I am posting some of the articles I have published elsewhere, with some updating (a process I will continue.) I invite you to read them and to send me your comments. They can be accessed through my (see below). The first volume of my translation of Ahmad Kasravi's History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution has just come out, with two more volumes on the way. (See this interview with Deutche Welle and my appearance on Voice of America.) See also an online copy of an article on Google Scholars.

I have posted my resume so that you can learn a little more about me.

If you want to contact me by email, contact me at Evan_J_Siegel@yahoo.com

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