Rumors of the Uprising

“دماوند پر از برف، تهران پر از حرف”

All my sympathy is with the brave young people in the streets. But we should be careful of rumor-mongering.
Here are some examples. Watch this note, because I will continue adding to it, and others are encouraged to pitch in.
On the other hand, if what I thought was a mere rumor turns out to be correct, I’ll not delete it but cross it out.
So here we go:
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9 Responses to “Rumors of the Uprising”

  1. PinkMuslimah says:

    another stray apostrophe:
    “Do the people who posted this video think it’s viewers are complete fools?” -> its

    (I only do this to people whose work I respect.)

    • admin says:

      Bang, you got me on that one.
      Are you a proof-reader?

  2. ProTruth says:

    Well said. I respect your opinions because they are based on FACT. Please spread this to Facebook and Twitter. Rumor-mongering is harming the cause.

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  4. beth says:

    update #8: where is the picture you reference? Could you post it here so we can see? Thanks!

    I like the new way you bring updates to our attention. Very helpful. It saves me the trouble of scrolling through all of your posts to find them. Thanks again!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, good buddy. I’m making a point of doing this daily.

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