The Taraneh Musavi Story

A story has been making the rounds on the internet about the alleged abduction and rape of one Taraneh Musavi (also spelled Mousavi). The story first appeared, as acknowledged by “Azar,” a blogger at Iranian-e Chap (Leftist Iranians) and key contributor to this story, in the blogs zeerzamin (Underground), cherikonline (Online Partisan), and Iranian-e Chap. They all three agreed to break the story together and an examination of the blog postings on this subject indicate a high degree of coordination between them.
I won’t summarize the story here, partly because to do so would mean choosing which of the several conflicting versions of the story was the correct one. Those who cannot read Persian but can read English can find a summary of it here. Shirin Sadeghi has written a rehash of it published on the Huffington Post.

Click here to see the rest of the article.

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22 Responses to “The Taraneh Musavi Story”

  1. PinkMuslimah says:

    Thank you for your hard work.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your good wishes.
      Challenging this story has lost me friends and made me enemies, but the truth has to be spoken.

    • admin says:

      Thanks. I thought of sending him a link, but I don’t think he really cares about the truth.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for wading through it all…

  3. Catlest says:

    Allow me to say that I’m impressed with the depth of your knowledge. To know which bloggers are credible or not… what a change from the parrot-brained TV news anchors!

    • admin says:

      Come by and visit more often.

    • Bikash says:

      Nader, we Americans romanticize our foniundg fathers and beloved Presidents.Lincoln is praised for succeeding in reestablishing political integrity in the US, and 30,000 political prisoners (held without trial) was an integral part of that effort.During Shay’s Rebellion in the 1780’s, none other than Samuel Adams drew up a Riots act and advocated public executions for those he specifically identified as–get this–seditionists.You like America, Nader? Well this is how it was built and maintained. You don’t like Iran? Obviously you don’t have to live there.

      • Bikash, “we Americans”? You’re from Assam, according to your Facebook page. And a Japanese emails address.

        And you sure have strong feelings about Iran.

        You sure you’re who you say you are?

  4. Iranian says:

    Hi Evan,
    Do you have ID in facebook ?

  5. Pooya says:

    I’ve read about her too… thanks for your good works, here and everywhere.

  6. Iranian says:

    We maybe gone one day but history is alive.

  7. Pink Muslimah says:

    “You’ve Been Had” mail sent to McCotter’s office, followup including link. Republicans, uff. So simple minded.

  8. Whizzbizz says:

    Please correct your related links to e.g.:

    link to

    instead of:

    link to

    They are all DEAD


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the heads-up.
      The problem is with StatPressCN, which is a really buggy app which gives some nice statistical results but does not let you configure it except for about five or six features. NOT recommended.
      link to
      I decided to just disable the “related links” function, since it really doesn’t work as advertised anyway, and gives the wrong link to boot.
      Props to you for the assist.

    • admin says:

      By the way, I like your website, too.

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  11. Mehdi says:

    Your name (Evan Siegel) bring a creditibility to the wrongness of Traneh Mousavi Story, as it’s mentioned in Persian wikipedia.

    But be sure, If you were wrong and this all really happend to that girl, you will get you share from hell and burn among mullahs.

    By the way, in Persian article about Taraneh, they mentioned you are a mathematician and historian, I really doubt so, you seems to have no logic(not a mathematician) and got no reason and sense(not a historian).

    So please do you own bussiness instead of posting craps about Iranian Revolution.

  12. Sabz Qaba says:

    The Taraneh Mousavi story MAY or MAY NOT be a hoax. Despite your long windedness and verbosity you have failed to demonstrate that the Taraneh Moiusavi stoy is a manufacture.

    That said:

    Isn’t it true that rape is part of the standard operating procedures in the torture regime for women in Iran since the early days of the Khomeini revolution?

    I am a frequent visitor to Iran. My last visit there was in April 2009. I live in Lahore, Pakistan and am a Shia. I am woman and 22.

    • Long winded and verbosity? There are lots of facts to assemble. I didn’t (I hope) speechify about them, but wanted to bring all the facts to bear on the matter. That takes a lot of writing.

      You are right. I cannot prove a negative. But I can marshal evidence to show that the story is internally inconsistent, comes from unreliable sources, and has no independent evidence. And this I have done.

      Rape has been used in Iran both under the Shah and after the Islamic Revolution, as have torture and killing and all sorts of atrocities. I have no desire to cover for the regime’s crimes. I do think it is vitally important for the democratic opposition to not traffic in rumors, since this brings discredit upon it. Case in point, the Saideh Pouraqayi case, another transparent hoax which I exposed in this blog. The democratic opposition got into serious trouble by championing this hoax, and has now disowned it. It would have been much better had they refused to have had anything to do with it in the first place.

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  14. Shady says:

    How can you say what the truth is???? If you’ve ever lived in Iran you’ll know that what the rest of the world find logical might make on sense in that part of the world. What you’re saying is a good investigation but it remains as a hypotheses. You’re talking about a country that people are scare to death to talk. I don’t know if this story is true or not but I know that things like this easily happen in Iran and remain untold. This is scary but true. So if the story is true I’m happy that it’s been out spoken. I reassure you that there are thousands of Taranehs out there whom no one has ever heard of. I really think it’s a wrong attempt to prove the story wrong while you don’t have enough evidence.

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