The Indictment

My apologies to my readers for my absence of two weeks. I have been translating material for the Greens and three lengthy articles by one of the leaders of the Greens.

Now for the subject at hand:

The Tehran Aide to the Deputy Revolutionary Attorney General: The Recent Events and Chaos Had Been Planned in Advance

Fars News Service: The Tehran DeputyIRAN-DETAINEES/TRIAL Revolutionary Attorney General, in reading the text of the charges against the accused in the defeated project of a velvet coup d’état, announced: According to the documents available and the confirmed confessions of the accused, the recent events and the riots had been planned in advance and, according to the indictment presented by the Deputy Revolutionary Attorney General on behalf of the Attorney General, they proceeded according to a timetable and the stages of a velvet coup.
According to Fars News Service’s political correspondent, the text of the charges by Abdor-Reza Mojtaba, Tehran Aide the Revolutionary General Prosecutor representing the Attorney General is as follows:

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  2. […] From Evan Siegel in Iran Rises, translating the indictment originally published in Fars News. Siegel’s initial comment is that much of the “evidence” appears to rely on Hossein Derakhshan, the blogger detained in November 2008 and initially accused of spying for Israel and the US. Whether or not this is the case, Siegel’s subsequent note that this indictment reads like “whistling past the graveyard”, with the prosecutor “knowing full well…that the precise opposite of what he is saying is true” is on target. Indeed, it reinforces our analysis the day after the first trial, “The indictment and presentation of charges offered no evidence of substantive criminal acts….The “foreign plot” scenario [is] almost laughable, turn[ing] US-based academics into directors of an Iranian insurgency.” […]

  3. beth says:

    Thanks for the commentary. Most enlightening.

  4. Chris says:

    I do not believe that Hoders web site is still up. I certainly have not been able to access it. Interestingly, his FB page is still operating, and since we’re friends, I suppose that means Iranian intel is watching everything I do there. …

    • admin says:

      It has not been taken down. It has been rendered inaccessible for at least a month. Go visit yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

    • admin says:

      I know. I have the same concern…
      There should be a way to block “friends” from stalking like that.

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  6. […] politicians, academics, and clerics accused of treason who are undergoing a mass show trial. The three-page document, recently translated by Evan Siegel on his blog Iran Rises, opens a window onto the world view of […]

  7. Arthur Edelstein says:

    Thank you for this translation. A correct link for Robert Helvey’s book, “On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict” is here:

    link to

    • admin says:

      Thank you.
      If you have any more comments, I’d be delighted to hear them.

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  9. Tom Paine says:

    The suggestion that Robert Helvey, who is retired, has been in any way involved in assisting the green movement in Iran, is ludicrous — merely a gratuitous reference by those who attempt to fabricate and sustain conspiracy theories.

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